PERRLA Subscription Renewal


Detailed information about PERRLA subscription renew.


All PERRLA Customers are given access to both of our products:

PERRLA for Word - software installed on your computer that works directly with Microsoft Word.
PERRLA Online - a web-based application that lets you write complete papers “in the cloud”.

Your subscription renewal covers both products, you don’t have to renew them separately.

As our policies have changed over the years, your renewal options have also changed… based on when you originally purchased the software.

If you purchased PERRLA on 1/1/2018 or later:
You will need to renew your subscription periodically in order to continue using the software.

If you purchased PERRLA between 10/1/2011 and 12/31/2017:
PERRLA for Word will work without renewing your subscription but Customer Support and Software Updates are only included for the first 12 months.
PERRLA Online requires you to renew in order to use it.
You receive a 50% discount for an annual renewal ($29.95 instead of $59.95).

If you purchased PERRLA before 10/1/2011:
You do not have to renew your subscription in order to use the software or receive Customer Support.

To manage your subscription, simply go to our website and log into your account:


Q: How do I know when my subscription expires?
A: To see your expiration date and/or manage your subscription, go to our website and log into your account:

Q: If I don’t renew, will my PERRLA still work?
A: It depends on when you originally purchased PERRLA.

  • If you bought PERRLA before 10/1/2011, you can use PERRLA without having to renew.
  • f you bought PERRLA between 10/1/2011 and 1/1/2018, PERRLA for Word will continue to work without renewal but PERRLA Online requires renewal.
  • If you bought PERRLA on 1/1/2018 or later, you must periodically renew your subscription in order to continue using the software. 

Q: How much does renewing my subscription cost?
A: For customers purchasing on 1/1/2018 or later, PERRLA is $59.95 for those who wish to pay 12 months in advance. You also have the option of paying $7 per month, if you’d rather go month-to-month.  Customers who purchased PERRLA prior to 1/1/2018 will receive a 50% discount on renewals.

Q: How do I renew?
A: Go to our website and then log into your account.  You’ll be shown your subscription plan and can manage your subscription from there.

Q: Where is your Support Team located and when are they available?
A: Our Support Team is located in the United States and we answer support requests from 10am to 10pm central time, 7 days per week.

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