PERRLA Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android are Here!
For APA and MLA.

You told us to develop a Mobile App version of our software.

We said, "You're not the boss of me!" until someone pointed out that, ultimately, you are.

Now, we say, "Wow! Your hair looks AWESOME today!"

PERRLA Mobile App FAQs:

Watch the short video, below, to see what the PERRLA Mobile Apps can do. We demo PERRLA for APA in the video (our MLA Mobile App works basically the same).

Download PERRLA for APA for Free on iTunes or Google Play

PERRLA for APA - PERRLA, LLC Android app on Google Play

Download PERRLA for MLA for Free on iTunes or Google Play

PERRLA for APA - PERRLA, LLC Android app on Google Play

  • It’s important to understand our new mobile apps are NOT a replacement for our desktop software. You’ll love your app -- it’s an elegant extension of our software – but it isn’t a replacement.
  • The apps put our Reference Wizard on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets). The Reference Wizard is a time-tested (500,000+ users since 1998) continually updated reference and citation builder (always current with the latest updates to the APA and MLA Manuals) that walks you through creating each of more than 200 APA reference types, step-by-step, or 300+ reference types if you use the MLA app.
  • The apps are free to download and let you create 10 references. After that, you'll see how much time you save and all the different situations you can use your PERRLA App. The app can then be purchased for only $4.99 for your unlimited use.
  • Create a citation and reference on-the-fly on your mobile device and:
    • If you own our desktop software, the mobile apps can upload your newly created references to our server. The next time you launch your PERRLA software on your computer, the references you create on your phone or tablet will be automatically downloaded to your Reference Database for use in your papers (or your works cited database if you use MLA)!
    • If you don't own our desktop software, the app still puts our industry-leading Reference Wizard "in your pocket." When you create references and citations with the mobile app you can simply email them to yourself to paste into your paper.


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