Even though PERRLA Complete is our best value, we know that some folks only need to format a few papers here and there. PERRLA for APA is a Microsoft Word Add-In, which means that it lives inside of Word to help you create perfectly formatted APA papers. This is a good choice if you don’t need any of the amazing PERRLA Complete features like assignment tracking, paper planners, and all-around-awesomeness.

  • Our tried-and-true software that has helped over 500,000 (and counting!) students write perfectly formatted APA papers.
  • 100% Compliant with the latest APA Handbook (6th Edition) and all 200+ APA reference types.
  • Automatically creates and formats your Title Page, Reference Section, and so much more!


PERRLA for MLA is PERRLA for APA’s brother from another mother. It left behind the uppity APA notation standard for MLA’s slightly simpler in-text citation lifestyle. PERRLA Complete is still the best bang for your buck, but PERRLA for MLA will get the job done if you only want to format your MLA papers. PERRLA for MLA also lives inside of Microsoft Word as an Add-In so that you can easily create MLA papers that are perfectly formatted.

  • 100% Compliant with the latest MLA Handbook (7th Edition) and all 300+ MLA reference types.
  • Automatically creates and formats your Title Section, Works Cited Page, and so much more!
  • All of the awesomeness of PERRLA for APA, but for the MLA format!

PERRLA Complete

AKA: “The No Brainer”

Hands down, this is our best value! With PERRLA Complete, you get everything we have to offer for only $20 more than PERRLA for APA.

PERRLA Complete includes:

  • Comprehensive Online Student Productivity Suite
  • PERRLA for APA
  • PERRLA for MLA
  • Android/iOS Mobile App

PERRLA Complete gives you everything you need for tracking assignments, writing and formatting papers, organizing your life, and more! Juggling school, work, and play has never been easier than with PERRLA Complete.

Start-to-Finish Paper Writing Nirvana + Comprehensive Get-Your-BLANK-TogetherStudent Organizer+Take-It-With-You Mobile App

Paper Writing

The Paper Planner walks you step-by-step through the writing process. Our intuitive Outline Editor helps you to easily organize your research. The completely renovated Reference Wizard allows you to create all possible APA and MLA reference types. It also includes both of our legendary Microsoft Word Add-Ins, PERRLA for APA and PERRLA for MLA.

Time Management

PERRLA Complete's calendar lets you view your assignments, papers, to-dos, and more all while seamlessly syncing with Google and across your devices.


PERRLA Complete organizes all of your assignments, notes, to-do's, papers, etc. and color codes them by class to see what's what. Use our Global Search feature to quickly find anything, anywhere, anytime. And, if you'd like, we can even send you friendly reminders about your upcoming items.