PERRLA Referral Rewards

For a quick overview of our Referral Rewards program, watch this entertaining video!

Join the PERRLA Referral Rewards program and earn gift cards for yourself or organization every time you recommend PERRLA to a friend and they buy. (You can also elect to pass along the discount to the purchasers, if you'd prefer.)

Recommendations from teachers and students like you bring us the majority of our new customers. This helps keep our promotional costs down and, ultimately, our sales price low. We want to encourage you to tell more people. . .so why not reward yourself or organization with some gift card goodness when someone you refer to us buys?!

Earn gift cards just by referring your friends!

How the PERRLA Referral Rewards works:

  • Sign up for free on our Referral Rewards Registration page.
  • Create your own unique Promotional Code to give to friends, Tweet, post on Facebook, share with your class or promote to your community however you wish - however, you are NOT allowed to post your Promotional Code on internet "coupon" or "deal" sites.
  • Each time someone buys PERRLA using your unique Promotional Code we’ll credit your account.
  • At the end of each week, if someone buys our software using your Promotional Code, we'll send you an email to update you with your account balance. (you can also check your balance on our website at any time.)
  • For every quarter in which at least 5 people purchase PERRLA software using your Promotional Code, you'll receive an gift card. (we pay out 4 times per year.)

It’s just this simple. Buy cool stuff for yourself or benefit an organization or class you are part of. Your choice.


Click here to register: Referral Rewards Registration

The fine print:

  • Participation in the PERRLA Referral Rewards program is limited to PERRLA customers and Educators.
  • Refunded purchases will be excluded from reward totals.
  • Purchasers MUST use your Promotional Code at the time of purchase in order to be counted as a referral. PERRLA cannot manually alter purchases after-the-fact if someone forgot to use your Promotional Code.
  • You must NOT publish your Promotional Code on internet "coupon" or "deal" sites. Doing so will result in your removal from the Referral Rewards program.
  • PERRLA reserves the right to end this rewards program at the end of any quarter.
  • PERRLA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this rewards program at any time.
  • While participating in this rewards program, you agree to conduct your promotional efforts in a professional manner that will not reflect poorly on PERRLA. (no spam, no graffiti, don’t be annoying!, etc.)