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PERRLA was founded in 1998 and is the oldest and largest APA formatting software provider. This is all we do. We have served more than 550,000 student users in virtually every college and university in North America.

After more than 20 years of selling directly to students we now also sell to schools.

What is PERRLA?

PERRLA is software that formats APA and MLA papers, allowing students to focus on thinking, researching, and writing. All page formatting and reference generation happens in one place: inside the student’s paper. Students may use PERRLA for Word as a Microsoft Word Add-In, writing papers inside their copy of Word. They may also write and edit papers in the cloud with PERRLA Online. PERRLA Online also includes a complete suite of tools designed specifically to organize and track schoolwork.

Latest APA & MLA formats

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The more contact we have with faculty the more we hear about how PERRLA benefits them:

  • With students using PERRLA, instructors spend less time correcting formatting errors and more time focusing on paper content.
  • Many of our users are now instructors and, in addition to encouraging us to sell directly to institutions, they actively recommend PERRLA to their students for this reason.

How Licensing Works

Schools may purchase annual licenses at a 50% discount, with a minimum commitment of 10 licenses. The license period is 12 months. Schools may elect to renew licenses for additional years, or allow users to purchase another 12-month license directly from PERRLA.

PERRLA for Word


Licenses include use of both our software platforms:

  • PERRLA for Word Add-In allows students to write and format their papers inside their copy of Microsoft Word.
  • PERRLA Online allows student to write and format their papers “in the cloud” from any browser. Students download and turn their papers in as Word documents or PDFs.

Faculty licences are included at no charge with active EDU licensing programs.

PERRLA does not require support from your IT department. We provide 12-hour/day, 7-day/week, US-based Customer Support for all users.

Next Steps

If you would like an evaluation copy of the software please take advantage of our 30-day free trial. You may also contact us directly with your questions:

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