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Do you have a question about PERRLA software? There are so many people using PERRLA that we've probably answered your question many times while helping others. We've gathered all of our technical information together so that you may quickly find the answer you're looking for.

Paper Writing Help

Writing papers can be hard.  It’s even harder if you’re out of practice.  Whether you’re an old pro or new to writing, here are a few resources to help you learn how to write excellent papers.

PERRLA for Word - Windows (APA/MLA)

This is our classic PERRLA for APA/MLA software. It runs as a Microsoft Word Add-In on Windows (Microsoft Office 2000+). It also runs on Mac with the legacy Microsoft Office 2011 only.

PERRLA for Word - Mac

Our brand new and redesigned Mac software works with both Microsoft Office 2011 and 2016. It runs side-by-side with Microsoft Office and is the best desktop solution for Mac users.


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