PERRLA Online is the Future

Not flying cars or robot butlers.

PERRLA was founded in 1998 to help students by taking the hassle out of formatting papers. We’ve done that and we’ll keep doing that - but we can do more. That is what PERRLA Online is all about. We’re building next-generation tools to help students succeed. And the best part is, we’re just getting started!

Check out these recent additions.

Here are some of the many things we’ve added since we originally rolled out PERRLA Online…

  • Paper Editor lets you type your entire paper online without Microsoft Word. Watch it in action!
  • Repeating Assignments Weekly reading? Create it once and you’re done.
  • Repeating To-Do’s Repeating To-Do’s. See what I did there?
  • Syllabus Tool for extracting Assignments, Papers, and more. Watch it in action!
  • Class Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of everything for your Class.
  • Dropbox Integration to keep track of your Class’ files.
  • Exams suck. At least now you can track Exams on your calendar.
  • Global Search to find anything with just one button.
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Your PERRLA Subscription Includes...

… our PERRLA Online web-based application AND our PERRLA for Word software.  PERRLA Online allows you to write APA and MLA papers and manage all of your schoolwork from anywhere using only a web browser.  PERRLA for Word works directly with Microsoft Word to help you create perfectly formatted APA and MLA papers.  You don’t have to choose… you get both!

  • Paper Planner – “The Paper Planner presents a suggested set of steps to guide you through the process of writing your paper… on time, every time.”

  • Outline Editor – “The Outline Editor is used to help organize your thoughts and to develop the paper’s structure in a logical way.”

  • Reference Wizard – “We make it simple to create perfectly formatted references and citations.”

  • Export Screen – “After you’ve created all of the data for a paper, export it to a Microsoft Word document so you can open it in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, etc. to type the body of your paper.”

Write Better Papers

Write Your Papers Online!

Our Paper Editor allows you to type your entire paper online. We’ve made it simple to insert Citations and manage your paper’s References. Create every aspect of your paper within PERRLA Online and, when you’re finished, export your work as a Word document to give to your teacher. No need to type your papers with Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, etc.
Click here to see it in action.

Get help from start to finish with our Paper Planner

There’s more to writing a great paper than just formatting. We’ve created the Paper Planner to reduce your stress by guiding you step-by-step through the writing process. Just give us your start and due dates and we'll put together a comprehensive plan to help you finish your paper with time to spare.

Keep everything organized

In addition to your Paper Plan, you can set reminders to stay on track, compile your research notes, create your own list of to-do's, and create a detailed outline. Our Reference Database makes it easy to reuse your references in future papers.

Papers perfectly formatted

PERRLA Online allows you to easily format papers that include references, citations, abstracts, etc. Write your entire paper online with our built-in word processor or export your papers to a Word document so you can work on them in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, etc. In addition to this, we also include our traditional products PERRLA for APA and PERRLA for MLA to do these things directly inside Microsoft Word.

Manage Your Time

Keep track of more than just meetings

Any item that has a date - like assignments, to-do's, class meetings, events, papers, etc. - will automatically appear on your calendar.

Easily syncs with Google Calendar

If you use Google’s calendar or any calendar that syncs with Google, great! PERRLA Online syncs with Google allowing you to see all of your events, to-do's, assignments, etc. everywhere.

  • Calendar – “Our Calendar shows all of your assignments, papers, exams, etc. color-coded by Class.

  • Google Calendar – “Our Calendar syncs with Google Calendar – and any calendar that can sync with Google Calendar. You’ll see your schoolwork on whatever calendar you are using.”

  • The Dashboard screen shows a bird’s-eye view of all your schoolwork. See what’s overdue, due this week, and upcoming.

  • Class Overview – “For each Class, there’s a Class Overview screen showing everything you need to know this week.”

  • Email screenshot – “If you want, we’ll send you a daily email and/or a weekly summary email, letting you know what’s coming up this week.”

Get and Stay Organized

How Cool is Our Syllabus Tool?

Very! Our Syllabus Tool makes it quick and simple to extract your Assignments, Papers, Exams, etc., from your class syllabus and put them on your Calendar. Go from syllabus to fully scheduled semester in just minutes!
Click here to see it in action.

Everything organized by Class

You can think of Classes as 'hubs' for all your reminders, assignments, to-do’s, notes, papers, references, and events. Tip: you can create a Class for charity work or personal projects. By doing so, you can create assignments, to-do's, and reminders for everything - allowing PERRLA Online to help you with more than just school.

Break it down

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. In PERRLA Online you can break down a complex assignment or paper into a series of more manageable steps by creating associated To-Do’s. (Please, don’t eat elephants.)

Nothing falls through the cracks

Forget about forgetting the details. We can send you a daily or weekly summary of everything that you have on your plate - including your assignments, papers, to-do’s, and events. With our Reminders, you’ll never forget anything...just like that poor, poor elephant.*

*While certain members of PERRLA, LLC feel it is wrong to eat elephants, from a legal standpoint the company neither condones nor encourages anything. So, do whatever you want… just don’t rat us out if you get caught. - PERRLA Attorney