PERRLA Rap Video

The Paper Hatin' Continues, Fo Shizzle!

We wrote a rap song (Paper Hatin') and asked our customers to make a music video of the song.  While the official rap video contest has concluded and we've given away a couple of iPads and gift cards - the fun isn’t over.

We've taken your video clips (and ours) and have created THE official Paper Hatin' mash-up video for YouTube! Check it out, below.

The Official PERRLA Video for Paper Hatin':

If you're coming here late to the party, we've preserved some of our favorite customer-submitted videos. Click on these links to watch some great performances of Paper Hatin'!

Many thanks to all participants, and especially to these:

Valerie in Pennsylvania (iPad winner):

Joe in Illinois (our #2 choice in internal voting for the iPad):

Daphene in New York:

John in Arizona:

Jana in Washington (state):

Finally, if you’re still reading this.. you can download the Paper Hatin' song and words below:

Full Song as MP3 (Right Click the link and 'Save Link As...' or .Save Target As...')

Lyrics as PDF

About Mike Coates...

Who the heck is Mike Coates?!

Mike Coates has become our friend - and he's the guy who actually recorded the lead vocal of our song, Paper Hatin'.

We put an ad on craigslist, looking for a rapper, and one of Mike's friends saw the ad. Thankfully, his friend encouraged Mike to contact us! Mike is a singer-songwriter and did an amazing job on Paper Hatin'. Not only was he GREAT at what we asked him to do, he was also a lot of fun to work with.

He didn't even complain when we made him rap in a pink Polo shirt. Try getting any other rapper to make a rap video in a pink Polo shirt! Bad things will happen.

For a sample of Mike's singing ability, check out his YouTube channel HERE.