Be "Next" - with PERRLA Priority Support!

Priority Support from PERRLA - be Next in Line!

We believe we offer the best support in the industry. For free.

So why offer a paid version? We understand many people don’t like lines. They want to walk up to the rental car or airline counter and get the next available agent. Enter Priority Support.

Priority Support is for you if time is precious because you have a paper due, you have a job or family and basically for a small price you know you’ll be next in line.

How Priority Support Works:

  1. Purchase a one-year, two-year, or Lifetime membership.
  2. Whenever you request help from our Customer Support team...
  3. The next available Customer Support person will respond, allowing you to bypass customers waiting in the regular support request line.

Priority Support Subscription Rates:

1-Year Membership

$19.95 (New customers only - $14.95)

2-Year Membership

$29.95 (New customers only - $22.95)

Lifetime Membership

$39.95 (New customers only - $29.95)

PERRLA Priority Support - BUY NOW

How to Contact PERRLA Support:

  • Via Email:
  • Via the Web: Go to our website's
    Help Center page. You’ll find video tutorials, FAQs about common support questions and a Contact Customer Support link that allows you to submit a support request.
  • Via our Software: Click on the menu tab named Contact Support after you launch PERRLA.